Data Lens and View Moderation

Note: View is no longer available for new customers and is in the process of being deprecated. Please reach out to for more information.

If you have view moderation enabled on your domain, you will need to use view moderation to manage whether Data Lens pages are visible in the public catalog.  Using view moderation with Data Lens pages is similar to using view moderation to manage other views, such as charts and maps.  However, there are some differences as well.

Data Lens permissions are inherited from the source dataset and cannot be changed. However, you can manage whether a Data Lens page shows up in the public catalog using view moderation.

Data Lens Pages do not bypass View Moderation if created by admin or publisher

When admins and publishers create a Data Lens page on top of a public dataset, by default the view moderation status will be "pending".  Users have the chance to set the view moderation status to "approved", "rejected" or "pending", before the page is saved. 

This provides admins and publishers greater control over what pages are visible in the catalog.  When non admins and non publishers create a new Data Lens page on a public dataset, the view moderation status will always be "pending".

Updating the view moderation status of a Data Lens page

You can update the view moderation status of a Data Lens page either via the view moderation queue in the administration panel, or on the Data Lens page itself.  Both methods update the exact same field and have the same effect.  On the Data Lens page, only administrators and publishers can update the view moderation status.


The "Manage" button on the Data Lens page allows the publisher or admin user to modify the view moderation status.



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