Open Data Release Notes for 11/10/2015 - Bug Fixes

Selected Bug Fixes and Patches

  1. On the dataset view, fix for cell entries not saving when editing a filtered view of a working copy
    • previously editing the cell contents failed
  2. Fix for Data Lens column chart flyout when the aggregation function is SUM
    • the flyout information was incorrectly displaying “row” for a period of time
  3. Fix for displaying the rich text editor for Data Lens description
    • Previously, the toolbar for formatting the Data Lens description in customize mode was missing for a period of time
  4. Fix for the Data Lens option sometimes not appearing under the Visualize menu
    • Previously,  the option to Create Data Lens doesn't appear if you click Visualize button while dataset is still loading.
  5. Fix for the Data Lens Table Card
    • previously users cannot select text in table card by double clicking
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