Export options for maps

Users have access to a variety exportable options for maps:

  1. KML
  2. KMZ
  3. Shapefile 
  4. Original
  5. GeoJSON

*Note: Exporting in GeoJSON format is available for datasets that have just 1 geospatial data column. For example, taxi data that has a column with a start point and a column with an end point won’t have this export option.

**Note: Exporting geospatial file types will have a max size limitation of 25 gigabytes. For exporting map data that is larger than the limit please export in a flat file format like CSV. 

Sample of a URL endpoint that would export the full GeoJSON of a particular geospatial dataset:


You can download all single-layer and multi-layer files in a single export through the Export panel.

Or you can download multi-layer files, layer by layer. This option will appear as a dropdown in the Export menu, below the full download option.




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