Open Data Release Notes 12/02/2015 - Single sign-on support

Single-sign-on (SSO) is now available as an add-on feature to any Socrata Open Data or Socrata Open Performance site.

This feature allows customers to use their existing SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language -- a standard for identity provider systems) or ADFS (Active Directory Federation Service -- Microsoft’s standard for Active Directory) identity provider (e.g. their organization’s Active Directory) to sign into Socrata -- eliminating the need for separate Socrata accounts.   

SSO gives admins significantly more flexibility when managing their program and the users that have access to it.  For example, when an employee leaves the organization, they no longer need to worry about remembering to cancel their Socrata account to prevent them from accessing not-yet-public data, they no longer need to worry that Socrata passwords aren’t compatible with their enterprise password policies, they’re able to take advantage of extra security measures like two-factor authentication, etc.  SSO enables an admin to manage their program across a large and complex enterprise organization.  

Contact your account manager to get started with single sign-on on your domain.

For more details, see setup single sign-on for your domain in the Socrata Knowledge Base. 

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