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Determine Total Dataset Count

How can I tell how many datasets are on my Open Data Portal?

Since the number of datasets has an impact on billing, administrators need to know where to find the total count of datasets on a given Open Data Portal.

This count can be easily found under Administration > Site Analytics > Total Datasets.

There are variety of ways to upload or connect data to your Open Data Portal, so you may be wondering, what is considered a dataset and what is not?

What is included in “Total Datasets”

  • Datasets - all published datasets created by uploading a data file (e.g. csv, xls…etc.) or created using the Socrata API
  • Geospatial Datasets - all published datasets created by uploading geospatial files including KML/KMZ, shapefiles. Shapefiles with multiple layers are counted once
  • External Datasets - all published datasets that are links to other web resources
  • Non-Datafiles - files and documents created by uploading non-data files (ZIP, PDF, …etc.)

What is not included in “Total Datasets”

  • Working Copies - any unpublished tabular datasets
  • Views - visualizations derived from underlying datasets like charts, maps, filtered views
  • Data Lens pages - a visualization page built on top of datasets
  • ESRI Extension Maps - our instance of a ArcGIS Online endpoint
  • Catalog Connector for ArcGIS Server - maps that are available in your catalog but hosted on an ESRI ArcGIS Server
  • Federated Datasets - datasets that are available in your catalog but hosted on another open data portal
  • Configuration Datasets - datasets used by administrators to configure homepage design
  • Snapshots - archived versions of datasets
  • Tabular datasets that are created when Spatial Lens boundaries are added to a domain. These datasets are not exposed to users, and can be deducted from the "Total Datasets" count in Site Analytics (one for each boundary created in the Spatial Lens section of the Administration panel). 

The site analytics page is updated daily, so you may see a delay in Total Datasets being updated.

*we are aware that catalog totals may differ from the Total Datasets number, more information on this discrepancy to come.

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