Open Data Release Notes for 1/5/2016 - Public Users can Create Data Lens, GeoJSON Export

This announcement includes new features and patches from several software releases in December, 2015.

Public Users can create Data Lens from an existing one

Any logged in user with domain roles can already create Data Lens pages, now logged in users without roles can also create their own Data Lens page from an existing one using the “save as” feature.  This empowers public users, the citizens, to customize a Data Lens page with a hyperlocal perspective so that they can answer questions in a self service way.  Since public users can only create Data Lens pages off existing ones, this means that Publishers maintain control over how their data is initially visualized, before the public makes their own visualizations.

Data Lens pages created by users without roles are by default not visible in the public catalog and not designated “official”.  They’re visible to the user in their profile page.  Administrators and publishers can make the page visible if they desire.  For more details on what users can perform which operations with Data Lens, visit the support article Data Lens Permissions on the Socrata Knowledge Base.

Admins and Publishers can set Data Lens as official

Now newly created Data Lens pages are by default not designated as official, due to the fact that public users can also create Data Lens pages.  Administrators and publishers can explicitly mark Data Lens pages as official in the “manage” UI.

By marking Data Lens pages as official, publishers and admins can indicate which pages are authoritative so that users can quickly understand the quality of the view.

Change the Owner of a Data Lens

Admin users can transfer ownership of a Data Lens page from one user to another.  This allows admins to smoothly transition ownership in the case when the original owner leaves the organization or moves onto a different role.  The new owner must already have a Socrata user account.

Routing & Approval

If you have the Routing & Approval feature enabled for your domain, you now have the flexibility to choose whether you want your datasets to go through Routing & Approval for every update or only during new dataset creation.  This option provides admins the additional flexibility to decide how closely they want to monitor and approve dataset updates and save time if desired.


GeoJSON is now available as a new export option for geospatial datasets. You can find more information on how to access GeoJSON API by visiting the GeoJSON Export support article on the Socrata Knowledge Base.


Data Lens General Availability for West Europe

  • Previously, Data Lens was generally available only for US customers.  Now West Europe customers have access to all of the latest Data Lens features and will receive updates on the same regular cadence.
  • Note that Data Lens is only available in US English.

Selected Bug Fixes and Patches

  • Accessibility Improvements
    • We made several updates to the website make it more user friendly for differently abled users, such as improved screen reader compatibility and keyboard accessibility. 
  • DataSync 1.6.2
    • Bug Fix for the issue where when the user tries to map the fields in the ‘mapping fields’ screen,  clicking on the ok button on the screen doesn’t save changes. More details and screenshot of the issue is available here-
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