Open Data Release Notes for 2/11/2016 - Publishing Job Status, Export User Details

Job Status Page to Monitor Publishing Job Status

We added a new feature that allows publishers and admins to track recent data publishing jobs, submitted via DataSync and web interface. They can find a summary of the job under the Jobs page in the Administration panel. If the job failed, they can click on the Data Job Detail page to  get more details.  

For more details, visit the support article Publishing job status page


Admins Can Export User Details

We’ve added a new feature to make it easier for admins to manage users on the site as the program scales.  Admins can now export details of all of the users on a domain to a CSV file so that the information can be easily filtered and analyzed using a spreadsheet.  This helps admins answer important questions such as, how many users do I have for each role? This is also very useful when admins need to contact users.  They can easily copy and paste the the list of email addresses from the spreadsheet into an email.  

Export Filtered Data to CSV in Data Lens

Based on user research, we found that a common user scenario is for citizens to filter a large dataset, e.g. building permits, down to only the few rows that are relevant to them, e.g. to a neighborhood, so that they can further analyze and understand the data in a hyperlocal and personal context.  We added a new feature to allow users to export the filtered data to a CSV file so that it can be easily analyzed and shared.  Users can select one or more filters on the cards on the page, see the filtered rows in the data table below then select the export option to download just the currently filtered data.  They still have the option to export all of the data in the dataset.

Note: currently, search cards on a Data Lens page does not filter the data table and thus do not filter the exported data.

Selected Bug Fixes and Patches

  • Improvement in the error message when unable to connect to Esri servers to render a map
    • we added an error message to indicate when Socrata is having trouble connecting to the Esri server to render a map to make it easier for users and admins to distinguish the source of the map rendering error
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  • This is great news - we're going to find all three of these new features extremely helpful! Way to go team!!

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