Perspectives pre-launch release notes for 1/29/16

Since the last Perspectives release notes on 12/21, the Engineering team has been hard at work building a story header/footer, integrating tables and choropleth maps and fine-tuning a number of existing features to get ready for launch.  Read on for the specifics …


Add a basic table to a story

Charts and maps are great, but some data is best visualized in a grid view.  So Perspectives users now have the ability to create and display a dataset as an incredibly performant table.  Users can resize the table to display more rows and sort on any column.

Upcoming improvements to the table will include the ability to hide and resize columns.


Add a header and footer to all stories on a user’s domain

The page header and footer completes the work we started last month to give Perspectives customers the freedom to style their stories to match their organization’s brand.  Here’s an example.  You’ll notice the header looks very similar to the headers on the Socrata for Finance apps.  And in fact, that was intentional; it’s part of our long-term strategy to transition from custom work to a more supportable, fully mobile responsive and uniformly branded platform.

Today, the Socrata Customer Success team manages updates to headers and footers.

In the future, our goal is twofold: 1) to make the header/footer form customer-facing, giving end users the ability to build and tweak their own styles without any assistance from Socrata, and 2) to expand the customizability of the header/footer to include additional elements and layout options.


Use Google fonts in custom story styles

Only 6 fonts are considered standard web-safe for any OS.  Because most of our users have specific typeface needs beyond these web-safe fonts, we now have the ability to use any of the 700 Google Fonts when creating a custom story style.

We’ll evaluate the possibility of using Typekit IDs post-launch.


Alt attributes for images

You can now include alt text when uploading an image to a story page.  This text is used by screen reader software to describe the image, giving people who use assistive technology the ability to interact with the elements of the page in a meaningful way.

Add a choropleth map to a story

We’ve expanded the mapping options to include choropleths.  In the chart configuration modal, users can easily switch between point and choropleth map types, as well as select from any existing boundary file.

Selected bug fixes and patches

  • Correctly calculate component block height based on new style selection
  • Refactored Style & Presentation panel to correctly render custom style tiles
  • Fixed caching issue with share modal to correctly display recently-added collaborators
  • Completed work on share notification email to direct collaborators to the /4x4/edit link
  • Corrected log-in page redirect to / instead of story page
  • Added warning to story page when the configuration of an underlying dataset breaks the embedded legacy chart
  • Correctly preserve point size when embedding Mondara map in a story
  • Fixed HTML embed issues in Firefox
  • Expanded automated test suite
  • Made additional stability improvements to UI and backend systems
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