Perspectives pre-launch release notes for 12/21/15

Want a start-to-finish overview of the product?  Check out this Perspectives overview story. The Perspectives Engineering team has built an impressive number of new features in the last six weeks.  Read on for the specifics ...


Edit and resize visualizations and HTML embeds

Once you've successfully inserted a Socrata visualization or external HTML embed on your story, you can manipulate the component in two ways.  Both start by hovering over the embedded object.  

You'll see a green "Edit" button in the upper right corner.  Clicking the button will bring you back into the edit modal, where you can tweak the embed or change to a different object entirely.  

You'll also see two small gray lines on the bottom of the embed. Hold and drag the lines up or down, particularly useful for fine-tuning the height of third-party embeds and matching the height of a visualization to the length of the accompanying text in a two-column layout.


New look for the menu panel

Check out the simplified look and improved organization of the story menu panel.  Based on feedback from our beta testers, we bucketed all functionality into sections, which are collapsed by default.

Save a copy of a story

From the menu panel, click “Make a Copy …”  The modal lets you give your copied story a new title and opens it in a new tab.

Share a story with other users

Clicking “Invite and Manage Collaborators” on the menu panel lets you share a story with other users on your domain.  Adding a user as a co-owner give that person the same access to the story as the original story creator. Designating that user as a collaborator lets him edit the content of the story, but doesn’t allow him to publish or share the story.  And giving someone viewer rights to a story lets him access the story in read-only mode.

**More detailed information on Perspectives roles and permissions coming soon.**

Insert and edit a hyperlink

Embed a hyperlink by highlighting the desired text and clicking the link icon in the toolbar.

Selected bug fixes and patches

  • Fixed issues with autosave related to session timeout and simultaneous editing by multiple users
  • Enabled image upload and HTML embed errors for Perspectives instances in EU
  • Fixed component block drag-and-drop issues
  • Allow Perspectives visualizations to be added to a story from a federated dataset
  • Added proper functionality to Clear Formatting button in text edit toolbar
  • Stopped creating stories with viewtype = href, and instead create stories with a new viewtype called story
  • Improved mobile viewing experience
  • Expanded automated test suite
  • Made additional stability improvements to UI and backend systems
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