Mar 8 - Admins can export user details and see publishing job status

Export User Details -- Admins can now export details of all of the users on a domain to a CSV file so that the information can be easily filtered and analyzed using a spreadsheet.  This helps admins answer important questions such as, how many users do I have for each role?

See Job Status -- Publishers and Admins can now see recent data publishing jobs submitted via DataSync and the web interface. They can find a summary of the job under the Jobs page in the Admin panel. If the job failed, they can click on the Data Job Detail page to  get more details.

Set Aggregation Function per Card in Data Lens -- Publishers can choose the aggregation function (SUM or COUNT) at the card level, rather than at the page level to create more useful visualizations to highlight trends and comparisons.

Check out the release notes for the full list of new features and tips for making the best use of them.

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