Perspectives release notes for 4/1/16

In this release ...

  • Place charts and maps from private datasets on a story
  • Use Data Lens-style aggregations for visualizations created in a story
  • New look for toolbar on story edit page

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Place charts and maps from private datasets on a story

Often, customers and internal users have told us they want to use charts and maps in their stories that have been built atop private datasets.  In response, we rebuilt the visualization workflow to accommodate this scenario. If you place a media block on the story page and click Insert, you’ll notice a new option on the first screen of the wizard.

Selecting the first option shows the author all publicly-available charts and maps on the domain.  Any of these can be added to the story page.  Clicking Create New Visualization lets the user create a visualization on the fly, very similar to the Data Lens “Add a card” wizard.

Use Data Lens-style aggregations for visualizations created in a story

We incorporated the Data Lens per-card aggregation functionality into Perspectives, meaning that certain visualizations can be displayed as the sum of another column in addition to displaying as a count of all rows in the displayed column. For example, the owner of a financial dataset might want to show a bar chart of all department budgets, rolled up by the dollar value of each budget.

New look for toolbar on story edit page

We made several small improvements to the header on the story edit page: chiefly integrating the text edit toolbar into the header and increasing the size of the clickable icon to improve usability.


An aside on the team’s to-do list in April ...

We’ll be focusing on the following new development work:

  • Embeddable Open Performance goal tiles
  • Image refinements: drag-and-drop uploads, in-situ cropping, a cross-domain image repository and automatic image resizing for page load times across device types
  • Table improvements: building a table based on a filtered view, resizing columns and giving users the option to wrap vs. ellipsize cell contents
  • Interaction improvements and bug fixes to support our early adopter customers


Selected bug fixes and tech tasks

  • Story page interaction fixes
    • A story in Edit view now always loads its Javascript completely — both the page itself as well as the edit panels
    • Clicking cancel during image upload to a hero block now correctly re-renders the empty block.
    • Story footer no longer allows scripting, HTML or Javascript
  • Fine-tuning the interactions between Perspectives and the rest of the Open Data Portal
    • The “About” button beneath a story in the profile now routes to the story’s metadata page, rather than a 404
    • List of individual stories now correctly link to each story’s stat page from domain-wide analytics page
    • Story themes can now be deleted from the admin panel, meaning they are also removed from the “Style & Presentation” panel
    • Stories listed in the Asset Inventory now always route to the story’s Edit view
  • Improvements to browser interactions
    • Story browser tab now displays the correct Socrata favicon
    • When using the browser’s navigation buttons to move in and out of a story, the story now no longer renders a cached, outdated version of the story
  • Operational improvements
    • Successfully migrated the Perspectives applications to AWS in West Europe
    • Created release script for preparing latest development work on the Perspectives application to deploy to the production environment
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