Retirement of Dataset and Cell Level Comments



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Cell-level Comments

April 16, 2016

August 1, 2016

August. 1, 2016

Dataset Comments

April 16, 2016


What does this mean?

Currently, admins can turn on the ability to allow logged-in users to leave comments on datasets, or views. Prior to the date upon which dataset comments are removed a similar dataset community feature will be introduced to take its place. This feature is still being determined and discussed by our product team. The content of pre-existing comments will not be preserved by Data & Insights. Commenting at the cell-level has been deprecated. 

Why is Dataset Comments being removed?

The existing dataset commenting feature was sparsely used, so dataset commenting will be replaced by a community engagement feature that will better facilitate discussion around public data. Cell-level commenting was also used minimally, as most data-related discussions occurred in the general dataset level comments, which can continue to happen.

Am I affected?

If you have enabled dataset comments for datasets on your site, and you wish to preserve the content of the comments on your site, you should take steps to capture that content prior to the deprecation of each feature.


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