Perspectives release notes for 4/19/16

In this release ...

  • Embed an Open Performance goal tile in a story
  • Selected bug fixes and tech tasks


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Embed an Open Performance goal tile in a story

We recognize that there’s some overlap between Perspectives and Open Performance.  And that’s intended, as we march toward a unified and modular platform encompassing both Open Data and performance management.  The ability to embed a goal tile in a story is the first big integration step. Customers using both Open Performance and Perspectives can use this functionality to build ad hoc stories or lightweight dashboards, incorporating visualizations, narrative and dynamic links to a performance metric.

From the media block, a story author clicks Embed Socrata Open Performance goal tile and simply pastes the URL for the goal page. After clicking Insert, the goal tile (with a refreshed look) renders on the story page.  

As the goal status changes, so does the tile.  It’s mobile responsive and built to be significantly more performant and reliable than the existing Open Performance goal tiles.


An aside on the team’s to-do list in late April and early May ...

We’ll be focusing on the following new development work:

  • Visualization authorship workflow
  • Image refinements: drag-and-drop uploads, in-situ cropping, a cross-domain image repository and automatic image resizing for page load times across device types
  • Table improvements: building a table based on a filtered view, resizing columns and giving users the option to wrap vs. ellipsize cell contents


Selected bug fixes and tech tasks

  • Fixes for charts, maps and tables in stories
    • Visualizations in stories no longer break when the corresponding dataset config is edited
    • Dataset selector in visualization modal now works correctly when Cetera search is turned on for a domain
    • Maps on a story page no longer zoom when the mouse passes over the map (as in, when a viewer is scrolling past a map)
    • Tables in stories now render “percent” categories correctly; tables also correctly render a top margin to become consistent with other component blocks
  • Fixes for sharing and collaboration functionality
    • Super-admin credentials override story sharing scenarios
    • Accessing a story via a share notification email now routes the collaborator to the correct page (either /edit or /preview, depending on the role granted), rather than routing to a 404 error
  • Improvements to embeddable story tile
    • Story tiles now have a standard style, rather than inheriting the style of the underlying story
    • The story tile now renders, when embedded in another story or webpage, even if the underlying story is unpublished
    • Added integration tests to story tile code
  • Improvements to HTML embed
    • Third-party forms can now be embedded in stories
    • CrimeReports embed now working correctly
    • HTML input field now recognizes changes (such as an update to the embed code) and updates itself accordingly
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