Open Data Release Notes for 3/22/2016 - Asset Inventory

Asset Inventory

As an administrator, one of the keys to managing your open data program is having full visibility into the data and views your organization is publishing.  We are releasing a new admin feature, the Asset Inventory, that gives you exactly that transparency through, what else, a dataset!  Using the Asset Inventory, you can answer questions such as: How many datasets do I have compared to charts and other views?  Which departments are publishing what data?  What important metadata fields are missing and for which datasets?  This empowers you to know what’s happening with your program and take meaningful actions.  And since it’s a dataset, you can filter, visualize, access via API, and export the data like you would be able to with dataset on your platform.

The Asset Inventory is already available on some sites and will be available on all Open Data sites over the next few weeks.  Learn more by visiting Using The Asset Inventory Dataset For Program Management on the Socrata Knowledge Base.


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