What’s being Deprecated? [Updated Apr. 18]

To ensure we provide our customers with the best possible experience, we periodically evaluate the usage and effectiveness of existing product features and determine which ones should be deprecated so that we can invest our engineering and support resources on the really valuable and often used features.  To make the deprecation process a smooth one, we have published a deprecation schedule on the Socrata Knowledge Base to provide advanced notice and help you if you’re impacted by the changes.  

Being Deprecated

Announced On

Support Ends

Removal Starts

Dataset Comments and Cell Level Comments

Apr. 16, 2016

Aug. 1, 2016

Aug. 1, 2016

Dataset export in XLS, XLSX, PDF

Apr. 18, 2016

May. 16, 2016

Jun. 13, 2016

Internet Explorer 9, 10

Feb. 8, 2016

Feb. 12, 2016



What does “Support Ends” mean?

Between the announcement date and the support ends date, we will no longer make enhancements and take feature requests to the feature.  We will continue to resolve any major breakage until the feature is removed. Between the support end date and the removal start date, we will no longer provide customer support.

Previously, we announced the scheduled deprecation of dataset RSS export endpoints. Based on customer feedback, RSS export support will be maintained as is. All existing RSS feeds will continue to work as expected.

What does “Removal Starts” mean?

After the removal start date, we will start making the feature unavailable on the site.  We may remove the feature in phases.

How do I get help?

If you need help with the deprecation of an existing feature or the migration to a newer version of a feature, please contact support@socrata.com.



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