Open Data Release Notes for 4/11/2016 - Spatial Lens, DataSync, Catalog Enhancements

Enhancements to Spatial Lens

User research has shown that users engage more closely and gain the highest level of understanding when they’re interacting with visualizations that are relevant and personal to them.  Spatial Lens is a unique feature that enables data publishers to effortlessly add local context by overlaying custom boundaries on top of datasets with location data to create personally relevant maps for citizens.  We’re excited to announce that we added self service management tools for admins to configure Spatial Lens for their open data site so that it’s widely available for data publishers to take advantage of this powerful functionality.  Learn more about adding Spatial Lens for your site on the Socrata Knowledge Base.

DataSync 1.7

DataSync 1.7 is now available on The improvement this version offers is the ability to set up the upload job such that bad data (error rows) are ignored to allow the job to proceed and succeed unlike before, where the job fails when the first  error is encountered. Any DataSync jobs that are set up with this flag will now succeed, even if a subset of the rows are not in the expected format. Discovering the data that had errors and were ignored is all managed through the job status page in the admin panel.

Learn more by visiting the Publishing Jobs Status Page article in the Socrata Knowledge Base. 

Search Index Updates Immediately in the New Catalog

Data publishers want to make sure that their users are always seeing the most up to date data, metadata and views in their catalog.  This is especially important when a new dataset is published, or an error is corrected.  We just released a major improvement to the new Open Data catalog such that when publishers make a change to the data, metadata, add or delete assets the catalog reflect the latest changes within seconds.  This enhancement currently impacts just the public catalog, i.e. /browse.  The new catalog is currently live for most Socrata Open Data customers.  If you haven’t been upgraded yet, be on the lookout for the notice in the next several weeks or reach out to your salesperson or Customer Success Manager.

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