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What's new in the updated catalog search

Working with input from end-users, data publishers and open data program administrators, we’ve focused the new catalog experience on two themes -- search and usability.


Catalog searches now return 10x faster than before, search results are much more relevant and tuned to end-user search behavior and, as data is updated or added to the catalog, the search index will update almost instantly -- ensuring the most up-to-date and relevant results for end-users.  


Increasingly, end-users are coming to open data portals from mobile devices so we’ve updated the catalog to be fully mobile-responsive and we’ve overhauled the design to be more intuitive, modern and easy to use.  We think you’ll love the new look!

Most Socrata-powered open data sites like Seattle’s, Montgomery County, Maryland’s, Edmonton’s and Connecticut's have already been updated and, by mid-2016, all remaining sites will have switched over.

If you have any questions, please contact your Socrata representative or support@socrata.com. 


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