Perspectives release notes for 5/23/16

In this release ...

  • Insert a table based on a filtered view
  • SEO-friendly story URLs
  • Customize the story tile link target


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Insert a table based on a filtered view

Many users, especially those writing about a finance- or budget-related topic, need to insert a table based on a subset of a broader dataset.  For instance, filtering a budget by department, saving that view, and then including it on a story page describing that department’s top initiatives and expenditure for the upcoming year.

After clicking Add Socrata Visualization, select Insert Table. From there, you’ll be see both datasets and filtered views from which to build your table.

SEO-friendly story URLs

Story URLs now automatically contain the story’s title, exactly like datasets do today.  This work will result in better search result scores for published stories and will help site publishers distinguish between pages.  Here’s an example:


Customized story tile link target

A few of our early adopters have already built out a massive collection of stories, and they’ve woven them into a comprehensive framework using collections of story tiles. Early feedback showed that those tiles need some customization options to be fully useful.  So our first step was to build the option to open the story in the same window or in a new window.  

The next step, coming next week, will be to let users customize the title and description as they appear on the story tile.


An aside on the team’s to-do list in June ...

We’ll be focusing on the following new development work:

  • Visualization authorship workflow
  • More Open Performance reliability improvements and feature work
  • Better Finance app ←→ Perspectives integration
  • Image refinements: in-situ cropping and automatic image resizing for page load times across device types
  • Table improvements: resizing columns and giving users the option to wrap vs. ellipsize cell contents
  • Interaction improvements and bug fixes to support our early adopter customers


Selected bug fixes and tech tasks

  • Story page interaction fixes
    • Added more clear messaging for server timeouts, specifically if the user has lost internet connectivity.
    • Fixed view mode and published story mode to always render legacy visualizations, regardless of data or configuration changes
    • Stories that were published via the “Make Public” button on the profile page no longer result in a 404 error
    • The text editor now includes visual dividers between each behaviorally-different section, improving the overall usability of the editor
    • Removing a legacy Socrata visualization from the story page no longer results in a 500 error for the edit view
    • In IE11, the default title block now loads correctly
    • When an dataset powering a visualization on a story is deleted, the story author now sees a notification on the edit page
    • The image upload modal now displays a descriptive error when the user uploads a non-image file
  • Operational improvements
    • Perspectives application is now linked to and uses Socrata style guide


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