Perspectives release notes for 5/16/16

In this release ...

  • Use image from stock photo library
  • Drag-and-drop image upload
    Open Performance dashboard API


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Use image from stock photo library

Our early adopters are writing some top-notch stories.  But they’re not photographers, and they frequently mention that they struggle to find great-looking images that both suit their topics and are licensed for reuse.  So we partnered with Getty to incorporate their stock photo library — 71 million images! — into our media embed workflow.

Story authors, after adding a media block to the page and clicking Images, can still opt to upload their own image, or they can search the repository for that perfect photo.


Drag-and-drop image upload

In addition to browsing for an image to upload to a story, a user can now simply drag an image from a folder onto the image drop zone.  This development effort modernizes a key piece of the story edit interface, bringing it into parity with other oft-used image upload services on the web.



Open Performance dashboard API

Last month, we built a goal page API to serve embeddable goal tiles in Perspectives. This month, we built the dashboard counterpart. To start, CS can use these APIs to build custom dashboards or other pages in a sustainable, performant way.  In the longer term, technically-savvy end users can also use these APIs for the same purpose.


An aside on the team’s to-do list in May ...

We’ll be focusing on the following new development work:

  • Visualization authorship workflow
  • More Open Performance reliability improvements
  • Better Finance app ←→ Perspectives integration
  • Image refinements: drag-and-drop uploads, in-situ cropping and automatic image resizing for page load times across device types
  • Table improvements: resizing columns and giving users the option to wrap vs. ellipsize cell contents
  • Interaction improvements and bug fixes to support our early adopter customers

Selected bug fixes and tech tasks

  • Open Performance clean-up work
    • Goal statuses can be configured via the domain config
    • The service that runs the Open Performance frontend no longer hangs when attempting to auto-restart
    • Goal tiles and pages now pull data from optionally configured goal statuses
    • Full test coverage on new Open Performance work
    • Reset the Procrustes github migration to preserve its history
    • Cleaned up Procrustes dependency versions
    • Set access-control-allow_origin header correctly for all error pages
  • Story page interaction fixes
    • Long hyperlinks — that is, those without any spaces — no longer bleed out of their component blocks
    • When a story is deleted by its author, all of its URL paths are also deleted, so /edit and /preview can no longer be accessed
    • When a user adds a component block to a story by double-clicking, the page now automatically scrolls to the bottom of the page, where the new component block landed
    • HTML embed field now correctly recognizes and responds to changes made to the text
    • Corrected text wrapping bug where text was breaking at the letter level rather than wrapping by whole words
    • Updated icon font to comply with Socrata style guide
  • Fixes for charts, maps and tables in stories
    • Table column renders location columns living in the old backend in a more logical way
    • Built working prototype for new visualization library
  • Operational improvements
    • Rspec tests now work with the latest version of Firefox
    • Added a maintenance mode message to Perspectives
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