Perspectives release notes for 6/7/16

In this release ...

  • Customize story tile title and description
  • Option to hide blocks in presentation mode
  • Load an appropriately-sized image for various viewing devices
  • Select bug fixes and tech tasks


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Customized title and description of a story's tile

The embeddable story tile feature has been very well-received.  Customers like Austin, Texas, are making heavy use of them to build a navigation structure for multi-page stories.  (Austin’s annual performance report uses an impressive 185 interlinked stories.)  

With this latest round of feature development, a story owner can customize the title and description of that story’s tile before embedding it within another story or on a third-party page.  In the story's Menu panel, click "Share and Embed" and then click the "Options" tab. 


Option to hide blocks in presentation mode

Our users know that scrolling through an interactive web page is great for individual consumption of a story, but that it’s not such a great format when showing the contents of that story during a city council session or a department meeting. For the latter use case, Presentation mode is really useful — with one click, the story is transformed into a series of slides which the presenter can advance. Taking this concept one step further, the story author now has the option to hide any component block — for instance, text-heavy blocks — when the story enters presentation mode.

Load an appropriately-sized image for various viewing devices

When a viewer is reading a story on a phone, he or she certainly doesn’t need the images to be as large as another viewer reading the story on, say, a giant Thunderbolt monitor.  So now, Perspectives detects the screen size and loads the appropriately-sized image.  This has an added benefit of increasing the 5MB limit on image upload size to 10MB. The story author can upload a high-res image, and we automatically optimize it for web and mobile consumption.


An aside on the team’s to-do list in the latter half of June ...

We’ll be focusing on the following new development work:

  • Visualization authorship workflow
  • Open Performance goal inventory management page
  • Table improvements: resizing columns
  • Interaction improvements and bug fixes to support our early adopter customers

Selected bug fixes and tech tasks

  • Open Performance clean-up work
    • Open Performance no longer experiences performance degradation throughout the course of a session
    • Fixed an issue related to the Rails 4 upgrade where Report Builder users could not create new reports
  • Story page interaction improvements
    • As part of the recent image optimization work, images for social media sharing now render to be optimally sized as well
    • Text wrapping for embedded hyperlinks now works correctly
    • Changing the first image on a story page is now recognized and rendered correctly in that story’s embeddable tile
    • Link target for story tiles now do not open in a new tab by default, and the publisher is given the option to open in a new tab
  • Updates and fixes for charts, maps and tables in stories
    • Fixed rendering issues for flyouts and axes that arose when we started using the Socrata styleguide in Perspectives
  • Operational improvements
    • Investments in the Perspectives application deployment script for reliability and ease of use
    • Signed off on Perspectives and Open Performance services for FedRAMP


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