Perspectives release notes for 7/10/16

In this release ...

  • Open Performance APIs now documented and available
  • Crop an image before placing it on the story page
  • Select bug fixes and tech tasks


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Open Performance APIs now documented and available

We’ve spent the past month hardening and documenting APIs for Open Performance goal and dashboard components. Any time you embed a goal tile in a story, you’re using the goal API. This documentation, now available on Apiary, enables CS and other trusted developers to use those APIs elsewhere — for example, to embed goal tiles with any desired styling on a third-party page.



Crop an image before placing it on the story page

When you place an image on the story page, odds are good that it won’t look quite right.  But launching a separate photo editing tool and then uploading the newly cropped image just to see if you like the change is arduous and time-consuming.  So we built cropping functionality right into the image wizard. Users can now crop images they’ve uploaded or selected from the image library, place them on the story page, and if needed, recrop until it looks just right.


Selected bug fixes and tech tasks

  • Open Performance clean-up work
    • Links to a single goal tile (ex: /stat/goals/single/4x4) are now embeddable in Perspectives
    • Users must now have the correct permissions to view a Data Lens page in Open Performance, and now sees the correct error if they do not have the correct permissions.
    • Fixed broken automated tests for Open Performance frontend
  • Story page interaction improvements
    • Fixed an error with the collaborators modal — users can now be removed from the list of story contributors
    • Fixed a grammatical error in the image upload error message
    • Preview mode now displays the web-optimized image for the hero and author blocks; previously, it rendered the original image
    • “Back” button on the hero image used to let the user enter to the asset workflow and access other types of media.  We cleaned up the logic to ensure users cannot enter that invalid state.
    • Tables now render correctly when viewed in IE11
    • Text editor operations now load much more efficiently, improving the overall performance of the /edit page
    • Embedded story tile now correctly displays changes made to the title, description or image of the underlying story
    • Heading 6 (H6) text class correctly displays upper- and lowercase letters in /preview and /view modes
  • Updates and fixes for charts, maps and tables in stories
    • Mondara maps now preserve their pan and zoom level when inserted onto a story page
    • The “fat row” table layout button now contains the appropriate strings to be localizable
  • Fixes for legacy charts in the catalog
    • Provided missing localization strings on dataset grid view page
  • Operational improvements and other tech tasks
    • FedRAMP prep: confirmed frontend configs in US AWS environment and reconciled test suite differences between EU and and FedRAMP
    • Frontend now uses memcache in staging environment
    • Increased accuracy of story page view metrics by removing ‘page-view’ from allowed metrics in analytics controller
    • Decreased nil-related errors in Perspectives code
    • Upgraded our testing application, as we were using an outdated version
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