Announcement: Changes to the Upcoming August 20th Maintenance Window [Updated Aug 1]

At Socrata we hold standard maintenance windows on the third Saturday of every month in order to perform critical updates to the platform. For the maintenance window currently scheduled for Saturday, August 20th, 2016, we will be moving the window to Friday, August 19th, 2016, and expanding the time to 3-7pm PDT (10pm-2am UTC).

While we understand this time window may occur during your business hours, we analyzed usage patterns across the Socrata platform and determined that Friday afternoons in August have lower traffic than Saturdays, and as such we’ve chosen this time to minimize disruption to end-users. This expanded maintenance window will allow us to move our platform to Amazon Web Services, a more secure, reliable, and scalable cloud environment, and continue to provide the best possible service on the platform.

Immediately before, during, and after the maintenance window, we will communicate updates via our status site ( If you have any questions about Socrata’s maintenance window policy, please read this support article.

If you have any further questions and/or concerns about this change, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

UPDATE: After the maintenance window on August 19th, the IP addresses for a majority of Socrata domains will change. Tools or systems that are configured to the current IP addresses will need to be adjusted. For example, you may have network firewall rules that allow traffic to certain IP addresses. If you believe you may be affected, please contact us at to get the new IP addresses.

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