Perspectives release notes for 7/25/16

In this release ...

  • Small updates and bug fixes


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Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Story page interaction improvements
    • Improved the core publishing API to more fluidly publish a story
    • Fixed the text editor in Perspectives to preserve text color when other formatting settings like bold/italic, right/left justification, etc. change
    • Fixed a bug with image cropping whereby cropping an image in a copied story also crops the original image … yikes!
    • Making a copy of a story with a Getty image now works as expected instead of occasionally failing to load the copied story
    • Hero image no longer disappears when modifying the title atop the image
    • Cropping an image in the hero block now works consistently instead of erroring out occasionally
    • HTTP requests for stories now always redirect to HTTPS pages
  • Updates and fixes for charts, maps and tables in stories
    • The table in Perspectives now hides pagination controls and record count when all rows are visible
    • A dataset with a column named “count” no longer breaks the viz table in a story
    • Flyout for visualizations created in stories now shows the configured row label from Data Lens-style charts
  • Open Performance bug fixes and cleanup work
    • Fixed “page not found” error for new reports created using Report Builder
    • Localized missing strings on the prevailing measure into Spanish, Catalan, Dutch and Italian
    • Changed API prefix to /api/stat instead of /stat/api to align with the nomenclature of other api endpoints on the Socrata platform
  • Operational improvements
    • Cleaned up — bulk-deleted 2700+ datasets that haven’t been accessed in more than two months; also built the functionality to automate this task for future cleanup work
    • Updated the favicon, Powered by, footer logo and other branding elements with the new Socrata style elements

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