Perspectives Release Notes for 8/3/16


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Sort and customize the width of table columns

Once you’ve selected and placed a tabular view of a dataset on a story page, you have two customization options.  You can sort by a particular column, and you can resize the width of the columns.  As the page autosaves, these settings are preserved for anyone else viewing the story.

Add accessibility tags to media embedded in a story

We’ve had accessibility tags for images for several months.  And based on feedback from several early adopter customers, we extended that functionality to embedded YouTube videos and HTML embeds.  Now, story authors can describe the third-party content on the page for use by screen readers and other accessibility-related technology.

Small Updates & Bug Fixes


  • Story page interaction improvements
    • Embedded table visualization no longer shows pagination controls if all rows are displayed
    • Corrected small typos in the story tile override form
    • Fixed custom styles to display bulleted lists correctly
    • Updated default 400 error pages to show more informative message and action
    • For IE11, Getty image search results are now formatted correctly, rather than stretching their aspect ratios vertically


  • Updates and fixes for charts, maps and tables in stories
    • Tables for which the configuration of the underlying dataset has been changed now correctly render in the stories in which they’ve been embedded, rather than display a “cannot be found” error
    • Choropleth maps created in stories can now use ad hoc region coding


  • Fixes for legacy charts in the catalog
    • Fixed the interactive flyouts for column charts to always show, instead of sometimes being hidden by the x-axis label
    • Point maps using Google Maps base layer now correctly show map instead of displaying an error
    • Creating a filter on a location sub-column now works even for those columns with blank rows.


  • Operational improvements
    • Updated Socrata branding across the site, including header/footer, favicon and spinner icons
    • Completed various tasks to prepare for migration to new FedRAMP environment
    • Built additional translation strings on the profile page, dropdowns on dataset gridview and federation page for Spanish-speaking customers

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