Coming Soon: New Sign-In Page Design (Updated 4 Jan 2017)

We are excited to announce the introduction a new Socrata login experience. This will provide a simpler login process, and create the foundation to easily enable Single Sign On (SSO) and Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for Open Data, Open Performance, and Perspectives.

With this change, the look-and-feel of the login box on all Socrata Open Data and Open Performance sites will receive the new design you see above. Other than a new design there are no changes to how you login, so you can continue to sign into your Socrata domain(s) the same way you always have. You will see this new design on your site within the next month.

After this upgrade, it will be even easier to connect with your Single Sign On (SSO) provider. If you are interested in learning more about how to enable SSO on your Socrata site, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or

Update 1/4: We apologize for the delay in introducing the new login experience. We are working hard to ensure everything will work and look great. You can expect to see the new experience on your site before the end of February 2017.


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