Introducing Socrata Primer and the New Configurable Header (Video)



We are excited to announce the official launch of two hotly-anticipated new features: the user-configurable site header and Socrata Primer! What's Socrata Primer? That's our new name for the "Dataset Landing Page." Hear from Socrata Product Development’s Saf Rabah and Christian Hoogerheyde in the first product podcast video as they share with us the latest and greatest of this release, and check out the release notes for more details.

With the configurable header/footer, you as a Socrata customer can easily configure your site header and footer at will, getting a modern, consistent, and mobile-friendly experience throughout your site. Socrata Primer will provide the new primary reference to any given dataset, bringing relevant dataset metadata to the forefront and surfacing common interaction points such as downloads, API endpoints and the 'classic' data table. Additionally, the dataset owner can choose to feature specific content to guide consumers to interesting and relevant ways to experience their data, such as a visualization, a Perspectives story, a Data Lens page, or a third-party webpage or app.

A huge thank you to the Socrata community for all the great feedback throughout the summer, as we previewed and iterated on these two new features. We hope you'll like and make full use of the new capabilities.

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