Smarter, Faster, and Easier to Use. The Latest on Data Visualizations. (Video)



To the millions of people who consume government information every day, data visualizations are the bridge between raw data and meaningful insights they can relate to. Socrata customers rely on the visualization capabilities in the platform to surface trends, enable people to answer their own questions, and support data-driven conversations internally. Every month, tens of thousands of visualizations are created by our customers and their users around the world.

A few months ago, we set out to reimagine how visualizations work across the Socrata platform. Our user goals were simple: make visualizations smart, powerful, fast, and super easy to use, so that content creators are empowered to express their data like pros, with little effort, or technical expertise. We also built an entirely new architecture for visualizations as programmable, and extensible objects, which we will cover in a future video.

Today, we check in with Emily Rund to get a quick tour of the latest features in the new visualization experience in Perspectives, and a sense of what's to come to make this the new default experience for all customers, across all products. Enjoy!

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