Socrata Publica Release Notes for 11/29/2016: Google Analytics and ABCs

Google Analytics For Site Appearance

You may have noticed a recent trend of making more aspects of Socrata site management self-service, with releases like the ability to restore deleted datasets, and most recently the launch of the new configurable header/footer. We are excited to add another common request to the list: managing your site’s Google Analytics tracking code.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to track data about users interacting with your site. We have supported Google Analytics for a long time, but previously you needed to submit a support request to have a Google Analytics tracking code added to your site. Now, Site Administrators can easily add and manage their Google Analytics tracking ID through the new Site Appearance panel in site Administration.

If you have previously configured Google Analytics, the existing tracking code will be added in the coming weeks, so don’t be alarmed by an empty field! Because this is a feature of the new Site Appearance section, it is currently only available to Socrata Publica (Open Data) customers and is being added on a rolling basis.

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how to configure your site’s header and footer.


Remembering Your ABCs

Back by popular demand, you can now sort your Publica data catalog alphabetically! With the new catalog design we had reduced the types of sorting available, but based on lots of user feedback we have re-introduced alphabetical sorting. Thank you to the users who continue to let us know what features you’d like to see - please keep it up!

We’ve also renamed “Topics” to “Tags” in the lefthand filtering options in order to better maintain naming consistency throughout the Socrata platform. For new Socrata users, there should now be a clear connection between adding terms to the “Tags / Keywords” section for a dataset and the “Tags” that appear in the catalog.

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how to navigate the dataset catalog.


Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Fixes and improvements to Primer and the new configurable header/footer
    • URLs included in the Primer dataset description now autolink, rather than appear as plain text.
    • Wide logos in the header no longer overlap the menu button when viewed on a mobile device.
    • To improve site accessibility, Site Administrators can now specify “alt” text for the header and footer logos.
    • When previewing the configurable header/footer on a dataset prior to activation, Primer now loads as the default page for a dataset.
    • To improve usability of configuring your new header and footer, URL fields now have validation to ensure the links will work.
    • The color of display text in the header and footer can now be customized separately from the other text colors.
  • Fixes and improvements to Data Lens
    • Certain Data Lens pages no longer display an “Invalid Response” error when downloading the data.
    • Choropleth maps can again be reliably exported as an image (png).
  • Fixes and improvements for grid view page
    • Filtering a dataset on “date before” or “date after” now works as expected.
    • Due to a rather unfortunate bug, a handful of visualizations across different domains failed to load; now, they’re all reliably loading as expected.


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