Socrata Publica Release Notes for 12/7/2016: Updates for Video Tutorials and Header/Footer Configuration

Updates To The Video Tutorials

Quick Socrata fun fact! Did you know you used to be able to hear from Socrata’s CEO Kevin Merritt about how to perform various tasks on the Socrata platform on the “videos” page? Over the past year various features of the Socrata platform have seen some fairly significant updates, so we’ve updated our instructional videos to reflect the new functionality and designs. Now you will hear from various members of the Socrata team, sharing their insights on how to use different features. Check out an example of the videos page here.

The videos page is available on any Socrata Publica site by going to, and through the new configurable header it can be easily added as a reference link on your site.


Improving Header/Footer Configuration

It has been just two months since the configurable header and footer launched for the first group of Publica sites, and since then many of you have provided valuable feedback on what’s working, as well as what’s not. To continue to make it easier to maintain your organization’s branding through your header and footer, we’ve made a couple updates to the Site Appearance configuration options.

First, if you do not have access to a URL for your header and footer logos, you can now upload the images directly from your computer. And second, sometimes organizations need the header and/or footer logo to link back to the main organization website, so if that is true you can now customize the header and footer URL. The default link if not customized (“/”) will direct users back to the homepage of your Publica site.

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how the configurable header and footer works.


Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Updates and fixes for the Asset Inventory dataset
    • The “Routing and Approval” field now displays the correct stage of approval for each asset.
    • All Asset Inventories can now have visualizations created from them reliably.
    • A new field for the owner unique ID (owner_uid) has been added for every asset.
    • When you are viewing the Administration Asset Inventory, clicking on “View as a Dataset” will now take you to the grid view of the data, rather than the dataset’s Primer.
  • Updates and fixes for Primer
    • When dataset commenting is disabled on a site, the “comment” button no longer appears on Primer pages.
    • The table preview in Primer now accurately reflects the Date & Time format (for example, year only) configured in the grid view of the dataset.
    • Accessibility improvements, including for form labels and links.
    • Fixed an issue where a few Primer pages were showing errors, and all are now being displayed correctly.
  • When adding users, the button previously called “Bulk Create” to add new users now says “Create Users.”
  • Following best-practices for search engine links, any link you’ve previously clicked on will now turn from blue to purple.


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