Hiding and Deleting Columns

While using the new data table, you can hide and delete columns from view in the dataset.

In order to update a dataset, you will first need to create a working copy of the dataset. If you are working in a derived view, this is not necessary. 

Once you are in a working copy, you can click Edit > Edit Columns to launch a modal where you can edit all of your columns. You can use the Previous and Next buttons to scroll through each column on your dataset.


In the modal, you can both hide and delete a column. Hiding a column will keep the data in the dataset but hide the column from public views. Hiding a column will occur on the dataset only. You will need to go through the same process on any derived views in order to hide the column their as well. Deleting a column will fully remove the column and all data and will not be recoverable. Choosing this option will delete the column from all views.

To hide a column, simply check the box at the top right of the screen and click save.


To delete a column, navigate to the third tab and click the big red Delete Column button.Pasted_Image_2_26_18__3_49_PM.png

Deleting a column will prompt a warning, click OK to proceed with the deletion.

Once your changes are complete click save! Your changes are now ready to be published! 


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