Updating and Adding Data to the Data Table

In order to update a dataset, you will first need to create a working copy of the dataset. Once you are in a working copy, you can go ahead and update your data right in the grid!

Updating Data

To update data, you just need to click any cell in the row you want to modify. This will launch an Edit Row modal, where you can modify the contents of each column in the row.

The above screenshot shows the modal in action! You can easily update each text value, select No Value, or delete the row altogether. Once you have made your updates, go ahead and click save to keep your changes.

Add a row

To add a row to the dataset, you will need to select the Add Row option under the Edit menu.


This will bring up the same modal as when editing a row. The new row will default to "No Value" in all cells. In order to update the values, first unselect the checkbox, you can then add text to the box. Once you have added values to the row, click save to add the row. Just repeat this process in order to add additional rows to the dataset.

Your changes are now ready to be published! 


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