Notifications for All and Visualization Updates

Notifications - Coming Soon!


Beginning at the end of this week, Socrata’s new notifications service will be enabled by default for all domains. With this service, public and roled users can opt to receive email or in-product notifications on “watched” datasets, and roled users can be proactively notified when datasets they own are modified, when new datasets are published on the domain, and more.

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how notifications works.


Chart Aggregation Options

While the majority of charts are used to “sum” data - in other words, to show totals by category - there are many situations where additional kinds of analysis or data aggregation are necessary to discover key insights or conclusions from data.


Now, chart creators have far greater flexibility to extract those insights, and can choose between Sum, Average, Minimum, Maximum and Median aggregation options when configuring their visualizations.

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how the new visualization experience works.


Create Visualizations from Private Assets in Perspectives

Historically, Perspectives has always focused around the presentation and storyboarding of public data assets, limiting users’ ability to use private or restricted assets within their stories.


Now, with the new asset selector, not only can users easily find their public assets in a clean, intuitive new experience - they can also insert private or restricted assets into their stories.

This change opens up a whole new world of possibilities for internal reporting and data sharing. Give it a shot today!

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on Perspectives and storytelling.


Axes and Label Visualization Updates


  • Scalable Axes: Now, combo charts, line charts, and column charts have scalable axes, allowing chart creators to move or resize their charts to give more or less space for axis titles and labels, as needed.
  • Configurable Flyouts: All chart types now support the ability to add a custom flyout or label, in addition to the default value. This is especially useful for showing multiple amounts associated with a single category, or showing both the sum and average of a value in a single context.

Developer portal receives a front-page facelift

Socrata’s developer portal - - is brimming with valuable resources to help developers use and manage data on the Socrata platform. For customer data publishers with a need to programmatically review and modify their assets’ metadata, we’ve elevated links to our Metadata API and Discovery API documentation to the front page of the portal, under a new section, “Publishing and managing data?” Now, data publishers will be able to find this documentation and use our APIs more easily than ever before.

To explore the new home page and updated documentation, check out our Developers’ site!


Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • The edit/embed button in the visualization canvas is now always visible instead of only being visible hovered over.
  • Federated assets can now also be selected and added to a Perspectives story from the list of datasets or visualizations.
  • Other visualization updates and bug fixes:
    • For charts that contain a grouping dimension, legends can now be set to be shown open by default.
    • Timeline charts can be configured to either show the entire timespan of the visualization in one view, or to only show a smaller segment with the ability to pan the axis.
    • Line charts can now be created using numeric or categorical data.
    • Filters added to a visualization now include the field name above the filter for more context about what is being filtered.
    • Currency symbols were sometimes appearing incorrectly on the axes in visualizations. This has now been fixed.
  • New import experience small updates and bug fixes:
    • “Recent Actions” is now behind an expandable tab that you can select on the right side of the page.
    • The default date and time format now matches the format that will appear in the dataset grid page after you’ve published the dataset.
    • If you update the dataset title, that change is now also reflected in the dark grey header on the draft page, as well as the list of Assets on your Profile or Assets page.
    • If you add a georeference field the data type of that field will now correctly display as “Location” instead of the incorrect “Date & Time.”
  • Fixed a few issues with individual ESRI Data Connector issues that were causing specific connected maps to not update correctly.
  • Sometimes users were receiving two identical emails when they activated their new Socrata account. This is now fixed and users will only receive one email.


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