Easily Track Changes to Assets and User Access (25 May 2018)

Updates for the Activity Log

Starting today, the Activity Log now contains many more events around changes to assets and access to those assets. Additionally, an improved table with filters and search helps Administrators and Publishers easily find the event, asset, or user you are looking for.

Over the last few years data programs have scaled with more data and more users, and concerns around privacy and access to information have increased. As such, it has become incredibly important to have insight into the changes to content and access to that content on your Socrata site.


Through the Activity Log, Administrators and Publishers can now track events like updates to asset metadata, changes in asset visibility from private to public and vice versa, as well as changes in user roles. To help you find what you need in this long list of events, the Activity Log page now has an updated design with more extensive filtering and searching.

Furthermore, you can download the data if you want to do analysis in another tool of choice, and documentation for the API will be coming soon!

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how the Activity Log works.


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