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Through the communication channels outlined below, you will have timely information regarding disabled or replaced functionality and a means to ask for clarification if this change impacts you.

Release Notes: This section of our Knowledge Base is used by our Product Development team to communicate recent and upcoming changes to the platform. You can “Watch” the section and automatically receive email updates whenever an article is added to this section (here’s how). Additionally, new release notes will trigger a notification when you log in to your site.

Deprecation Roadmap: This article on our Knowledge Base gives a longer-term view of upcoming changes to the platform, specifically the features that will not be supported or have changed.

Known Issues: We think this article on our Knowledge Base is a great one to bookmark. It is kept up to date with current known issues we have identified on the platform, that may have impact on your site. It’s a great place to check if you want to know if the behavior you or your visitors are experiencing is expected. If not, then submit it as a new issue to

Future Updates: Please join us for upcoming product update webinars, which we host quarterly. Here is where you can register for next product update in September.

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