How to Create Filtered Views of Data Table

To create a filtered view of a dataset:

  1. Log in to your Socrata account.
  2. Select the dataset that you want to create a view of.
  3. Select "View Data."
  4. Select "Create View."
  5. Select the Filter tab. This gives you a number of options:
    • Conditional Formatting lets you change the color of cells based on criteria for quickly examining values at a glance.
    • Sort and Rollups allow you to create summaries of data for analysis, similar to pivot tables.
    • Filters allow you to filter by specific values or ranges.
  6. Select "Publish," then select the appropriate audience.
    Note: You can create public-facing views of private datasets! This will allow you to have a single source dataset but redact and filter information that you don’t want the public to see.
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