Sharing and Reporting with Socrata Connected Government Cloud - Live Course Release Announcement (5/2/2018)

Socrata Education announces the release of the following course:

Sharing & Reporting with Socrata Connected Government Cloud

Socrata Connected Government Cloud powers the sharing of internal data to users, teams, and internal site members. Practice sharing data with different levels of internal access and rights, and learn how to keep on top of these changes with communication features.

By the end of this hour, you will be able to:

  • Share and manage data sharing decisions with individual users, teams, and internal audiences
  • Submit data for approval to become Public or Open Data
  • Use Notifications to keep track of status and state changes to metadata, data, users, and more
  • Create Alerts that pay attention to changes in the data itself
  • Follow pathways to other sharing and reporting methods

This course is delivered live and is 1 hour in duration.

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