How to Change the Hierarchy in Finance Insights


To update the hierarchy of data in Finance Insights modules:

  1. Open the Administrative Panel and navigate to your module.
  2. Under the Data Settings tab, identify the hierarchy that you’d like to update—in this case, "Revenues."
  3. In the Chart of Accounts section, select the number of levels of hierarchy you’d like to establish. In this case, we’re going to add a new level.
  4. Select the column from the underlying dataset that contains the data for your new category, and enter the singular and plural titles for the column.

HINT: If you would like to configure your hierarchy based on an account code, instead of using text labels to determine groupings, you can select the code in the API Field Name column and the label for the code in the Display Field column.

  1. Save your changes.
    When you load the module, you may not see your change immediately, as both browsers and our modules cache data to optimize performance.
  2. Perform a hard refresh of the site—Ctrl + Shift + R (CMD + Shift + R on a Mac) in most browsers—to clear the browser’s cache and load fresh content.

Your new chart of accounts element will be available in the hierarchy just like any other.

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