Making A Data Update, And Checking It Twice (22 October 2018)

Summary of Dataset Changes 

As a data publisher, if you’ve ever double and triple checked your data updates to make sure everything looks just right, this feature is for you. With the new import experience, every time you publish an update to a dataset on your Socrata site, you will see a summary of the changes you are about to make to your dataset before it is published.  


This new summary of changes includes information about row, column, and metadata changes,. Whether you had a draft open for a long time, or you made a large number of changes, or there were multiple people making updates to a draft, confirming the accuracy of all the changes you intend to make is now easily available in one place. 

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how the new import experience works. 


Disabled Users 

Within the next week, a new security feature will be available to all Socrata customers - the ability to disable user accounts of internal users who are no longer part of the organization. 


Historically, a user account could be removed or disassociated from a domain, but doing so also removed information about which assets that user owned, their historical actions, and more. Now, when someone leaves the organization (or goes on an extended leave), Administrators can simply disable their account. Disabling an account adds a flag throughout your Socrata site indicating that the user’s account has been disabled, and will prevent that individual from logging in. 

Of course, Administrators can also choose to re-enable a previously disabled account, which immediately removes the badge and restores normal functionality of the user account. 

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how the user management works. 


Action Bar and Drafts 

A couple months ago, the action bar was added to all datasets on your Socrata site. This action bar provides an easy-to-use, consistent experience for logged in users to create drafts, edit datasets, manage collaborators and permissions, and transfer ownership of datasets.  


Later this month, this action bar will also be available for logged in users on most other assets across the platform – Stories, Visualizations, Derived Views, and Measures. With this change, all assets on Socrata will be managed with a consistent interface. 

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how the action bar works. 


Small Updates & Bug Fixes 

  • Visualizations 
    • Added the ability to adjust the angle of axis labels in column charts to improve readability and the number of labels that can be shown at once. 
    • Starting this week, users will be able to filter visualizations based on proximity to an address (eg, show me all points within a mile of my school). 
    • Starting this week, users will be able to choose to show or hide the table below a map visualization. 
  • Financial Insights 
    • Added in the ability to set Anchor Links in Open Finance, either to directly link users to particular data elements on the Open Finance page or to create links that scroll users to another part of the page. 
    • Increased the number of pay breakout options in Open Finance from 4 to 6. 
    • Now, in Open Expenditures, if a site has a comparison amount configured, the default amount and all comparison amounts will show up in the Leger Table, consistent with Open Budget. 
  • New transformation functions are now available for the new import experience: 
    • centroid: returns the centroid of a polygon 
    • datetime_diff: calculates the difference between two dates in seconds, minutes, hours, days, business days, weeks, calendar weeks, months, or years 
    • slice: gets a substring of a specified length of a text from a start index 
    • source_created_at: gets the fixed timestamp that the data source was created 
    • polylabel: returns a point that must exist within the polygon borders 
  • When you upload a dataset through the new import experience, any rows that contain errors are set aside and available for you to download, fix, and re-import. In addition to providing the this file of errors on the draft, the file is now also available for download in the activity log for any update where one or more rows contain an error. 


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