Technical Update: Dataset Storage Configuration Upgrade (5 November 2018) 

Technical Update: Dataset Storage Configuration Upgrade 

Over the next several months, we will be performing a rolling upgrade of storage configurations for datasets. This change is part of an ongoing effort to reduce complexity related to how your data is imported, stored, displayed, and accessed through its lifecycle between your source system, Socrata, and external applications and tools. 

There should be no noticeable change to the API, data publishing, or user experience. Datasets with upgraded storage configurations will no longer be required to go through the Socrata Dataset Refresh Process, so changes in source data should propagate much more rapidly through the system. The replication API will no longer return results for datasets that have been upgraded. Feel free to reach out to us at with any questions. 


Small Updates & Bug Fixes 

  • Visualization Updates 
    • Improved the color picker for multi-series charts to preview all of the values that will be applied to the chart. 
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘other’ grouping in Pie Charts did not properly respect changes made in the Filter Bar. 
  • Catalog Search 
    • Search and autocomplete now support accented characters when using non-accented keyboard input, as well as exact text search with accented characters.
  • You will no longer receive an error if you try to edit a dataset where the category value selected on the dataset no longer exists on the Socrata domain. 


Check out our other Product News, and give us a shout at with questions or ideas. 

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