Focusing on Search and Speed (13 November 2018)

Search All Values in Visualizations

Previously, when users searched for a value in a text filter within a visualization, they were sometimes required to put in the exact value of their search term to get a valid result. Now, text filters within visualizations always offer a high-quality, complete autosuggest service, which allows end users to easily search and filter on the full range of values in any column of a Socrata dataset.

With this update, all users will benefit from a dramatically easier ability to search, filter, and analyze data on the Socrata platform. 

Check out our Knowledge Base for more details on how data visualizations work. 


Speed & Stability Improvements to the ESRI Connector 

Using the ESRI connector, Administrators can set up a direct connection to an ESRI server, pulling in selected ESRI map layers as either geospatial datasets or externally linked datasets. This connector was originally intended to update those connected map layers every 24 hours, however due to the popularity of the feature, increased load on the service has often caused timeouts or delays in those connections.

Substantial improvements have been made to the service, making it about 35% faster in processing connections from an ESRI server to your Socrata site. These improvements will reduce the amount of errors seen during connections to the server, as well as ensure that map layers are updated closer to the originally intended 24 hours update cycle.

This is one of the first steps we are taking to improve the ESRI connector, so keep an eye out for more updates in the coming weeks. 

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how the ESRI connector works. 


Subpages for Open Finance and Focus Cards for Open Budget

Last year, we rolled out the Open Finance page, a single point of discovery for all facets of a financial transparency initiative. While Open Finance offers a significantly improved ability to navigate through the different financial applications in a coherent, seamless way, it did not highlight specific content for each connected application module in the same way that application homepages had historically.

Now, when applications are connected to Open Finance, administrators have the option to include tabs on the Open Finance page that surface the homepage content from each of the connected applications. This change gives a significantly increased ability for administrators to curate content, convey specific messages, and deliver a high-quality financial transparency experience to end users and citizens.

Additionally, earlier this year we rolled out the ability to build focus cards, which are content blocks on the homepage that highlight specific information within the application. Previously available for Open Expenditures and Open Payroll, focus cards are now available for Open Budget, giving administrators far greater ability to customize the content and message on their Open Budget homepage.

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how focus cards and Open Finance work. 


Small Updates & Bug Fixes 

  • We're doing some wintertime cleaning to remove clutter! Legacy system datasets listing assets on a domain (known as "Dataset of Datasets") will be deleted from sites on November 30, 2018. These datasets are duplicative and were replaced by the Asset Inventory in 2016. The older versions are no longer updated. They are being deleted due to reliance on deprecated datatypes and lack of utility.

  • Visualization updates
    • Updated the order of settings in the visualization builder for maps to be more clear;
    • Removed the message in the visualization builder about zoom level being preserved;
    • Small UX tweaks and bug fixes.

  • Data import experience
    • If you load data through the "Configure and Load" option, but don't make any changes, the "Update" option for adding new data is no longer disabled.
    • An issue temporarily preventing users from editing their dataset in IE11 has been fixed.
    • If a custom geocoding service has been set for a Socrata site, the new import experience now respects that setting for geocoding of new rows. 


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