Asset Bar and Drafts for All Assets (28 November 2018)

Today, the Socrata team released a significant update to the behavior of all types of assets supported within the platform. 

About two months ago, we rolled out the Action Bar for all datasets on the platform – a single interface for all of the edit and management actions supported by the platform. Today, we released the same interface for derived assets – filtered and grouped views, charts and maps - as well as Perspectives Stories. 

As part of this change, we are also updating the workflow for creating and publishing an asset on the Socrata platform. Specifically, derived views and visualizations will now support drafts. Similar to the workflow for updating datasets, drafts allow content owners to work on and review updates to their content without changing the published copy of the asset. Now, when a derived view is created, it will begin its life as a draft, and will only become discoverable in the catalog after the owner hits “Publish.” 

All users on the Socrata platform, including community users who have created accounts, will be affected by this change. Please check out this Knowledge Base article for more details on using the action bar and drafts. 

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