Editing Cell-by-Cell (16 January 2019)

Editing Data One Cell at a Time

Based on user feedback received about the new data import and edit experience, we are excited to say that the ability to manually edit data cell-by-cell is now supported! Once you have loaded data in a draft, you can double click on any cell to update the data directly in Socrata.

There is some simple validation available, such as not being able to enter text in a number field, and a date picker for date and time fields. Additionally, if you need to make manual changes to your data those should be done after any data transformations are applied, as transformations will not save previously manually changed data within the same draft. 

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how the data import and edit experience works. 


Removing Opt-Out for Classic Data Imports and Edits

Starting this week, the banner to opt-out of the new data import and edit experience in favor of the classic working copy experience, will begin to be turned off on Socrata sites. The banner will be removed based on the use of the opt-out functionality, so this week sites where users have opted for the classic working copy experience less than five times in the last 60 days will have the banner removed.

Based on our conversations with users who are opting out, we have been prioritizing support for functionality that has been missing or difficult to use in the new experience. To date, we have improved how existing location columns are edited in the new experience, added support for importing a single layer from a multi-layer shapefile or multi-sheet excel file, improved how you add or edit georeference (location) columns, and added support for editing individual cells of data. We still have some improvements in flight, including support for view-only mode of draft datasets, improved mapping of columns when editing and replacing your files, improvements to how dates from files exported from Socrata are re-imported, and support for setting the default column sort and column width.

As we add these new improvements, we will continue to track and remove the banner for sites where users are no longer requiring the features in the classic working-copy experience. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to support@socrata.com or your account point of contact.

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how the data import and edit experience works. 


Small Updates & Bug Fixes 

  • Data importing and editing
    • Previously, if you uploaded a file attachment to a dataset that you had already uploaded to another dataset, there was no status message in the top right corner of the page to let you know that the attachment was being processed. This is now fixed, and you will always see a status message informing you of the progress of the attachment upload.
    • When adding a column to a dataset, you will now be prompted to both identify the source column (this selection can be for no source column) and set a data type such as text or number.
    • When you import a percent and have selected the data type of number with the display format of "Percentage," there is now an option to specify the percent scale to allow for multiplying and dividing by 100, in addition to doing neither. This allows for more flexibility of percentage data, meaning you can now upload percents formatted either as .25 or 25 to represent 25%.
  • When selecting a segment within a distribution chart on a Data Lens, the number of rows displayed on the flyout now matches that of the selected segment.
  • Managing viewers through the Action Bar is now only accessible on a published asset, previously, it was available on both the draft and published version.
  • Fixed a bug in the Socrata Data Player (SDP) when calendar embeds were unable to open single row details.


Check out our other Product News, and give us a shout at support@socrata.com with questions or ideas. 

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