Sharing Alert Subscriptions (4 February 2019)

While Alerts are one of the most powerful features of Socrata Connected Government Cloud, currently users can only create them for their own accounts. This means that many program executives and policymakers, who lack the time and in many cases the technical background to create their own alerts, have a difficult time benefitting from this important capability.

Now, thanks to a major update to the Alerts feature, users can not only create alerts for themselves, but can share alert subscriptions with other Socrata users. That means that more technically inclined users can create alerts and make them available to a wide range of other colleagues, ensuring that everyone is staying up to date as the facts on the ground change.

By default, shared alerts begin in a "paused" state, to avoid accidental or intentional overalerting. Users with the right to manage others' datasets have the ability to override that default and begin alerts in an unpaused state.

Small Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in approvals where the audience of public charts was changed to Private when the chart was updated.
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