Performance Solutions (19 February 2019)


  • We are proud to announce the general availability of Socrata's upgraded performance solutions, Open Performance Cloud and Performance Insights!
  • Track your measure's performance by using dynamic status.

Major Updates

  • Open Performance Cloud
    • The Current Period tab on the metric visualization will now only be available when a measure has an open reporting period. This option will not be available for Closed or Last Value reporting periods.
    • Embed federated measures into Perspectives!
    • When embedding a measure that had a blue status configured, the blue metric card outline was not present. Today, you can expect to see a color outline on all metric card embeds that have status configured, including blue.

Minor Updates

  • Open Performance Cloud
    • When creating a new measure, you will be directed to add a data source and reporting period before configuring your calculation.
    • We have refactored measure updates to optimize measure performance.
    • Fixed a rendering bug where future targets display half of the target line. Future targets will now only render if they are one reporting period into the future.
    • When configuring a measure with cumulative math and there is no data in the current reporting period, the measure sample result will display as "No value".
    • Resolved a bug in measure numeric inputs, users are restricted to numeric values in those input fields.
  • Open Performance
    • Fixed a permissions bug, domain roled publishers can now edit goals.


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