ESRI Map Layers, Schema Remapping, and Filters (26 February 2019)


  • Connecting an ESRI Map Layer is accessible through the Create dropdown.
  • The schema mismatch modal for datasets has been redesigned.
  • Relative date filters in visualizations - the ability to filter visualizations by "yesterday" and "today."

Major Updates

  • Dataset imports and edits
    • For users who use the Publishing API, deletions are now possible!
    • Scheduling an update from a URL allows users to choose the frequency at which the dataset is updated.
    • Creating columns referencing geographic coordinates will now be accomplished by mapping latitude and longitude columns, or by mapping address columns for geocoding. These columns will now appear as Point datatype columns.
  • Visualization updates
    • X-axis labels no longer use a UTC timezone, instead they will reflect the user's browser timezone. 

Minor Updates

    • Perspectives users can now expect to see each collaborative role correctly outlined in the Invite and Manage Collaborators modal.
    • Fixed a bug with embedded Youtube videos in Perspectives, videos are now loading in published stories.
    • An issue preventing users from creating public visualizations based off of public filtered views has been fixed.
    • The title of the assets page in the browser tab has been updated to Assets Manager.
    • Fixed an issue where Primer pages for external links had a Manage Dataset button. 
    • Resolved an issue where users could not add custom color palettes to their visualizations. This functionality has been restored for charts that have custom color palettes.
    • When tabbing through the Data Preview page for a dataset, when there are type errors, the corresponding flyouts for those errors did not appear in the tab order. Today, users will see these errors in order.
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