Spiderfied multi-layer maps and filtering financial data (5 March 2019)


  • Previously, when looking at a map with multiple point layers, hovering over a point would only show the information for the top layer. Now, flyouts will reflect the information for all the points at that location, across all layers, and the 'spiderfy' animation that reveals all the points in a stack will show points across all layers. For more information on creating a multi-layer map, see this support article.
  • Users of Open Expenditures or Open Finance have a new-and-improved ability to search and filter the Checkbook table. For information on enabling this feature, see this support article.

Major Updates

  • Data imports and edits
    • In the past, users were unable to apply a sort on a column or change the column width within a draft dataset. Today, this functionality is available.
    • Fixed a small bug within the import transform modal. Users who use the transformations modal will be able to safely save their work. 
  • An issue temporarily preventing users from being removed as collaborators on Perspectives stories has been fixed.
  • As previously announced on our deprecation roadmap, the creation of legacy maps, charts, and calendars will be disabled at the end of the month. This change is in anticipation of the migration of all maps to our new geospatial experience later in the year.

Minor Updates

  • The legacy "Followers" functionality is being deprecated. For more information please see our Deprecation Roadmap.
  • An issue causing the points of the lines in a grouped timeline chart to not be connected was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with missing domain names for certain datasets with document columns.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing certain style changes not to appear in unsaved drafts to not appear until published.
  • Small updates and bug fixes.


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