Drag and drop columns, instantly sync ESRI layers, and data fusion (March 19, 2019)

Coming Soon!

  • Deprecation of the ability to create classic maps and visualizations is coming at the end of March.
  • Expanded layout in Perspectives!
  • ESRI Connector improvements including include "Sync all now" and more useful layer failure errors.
  • New Approvals workflow coming to Open Data domains to allow admins to gate public visibility of assets. 

Major Updates

  • Data imports and edits
    • Within a draft, dataset columns are rearrangeable via drag and drop.
  • ESRI Connector
  • Maps
    • Data Fusion: Previously, the flyouts and 'spiderfy' animation for multi-layer maps only exposed data the top layer on the map. Now, when interacting with a location that has points from multiple layers, the flyout and spiderfy will expose data from all layers.

Minor Updates

  • Data import and edits
    • A bug where Row IDs were set when an append was performed has been resolved.
    • Resolved an issue in which empty date fields rendered an invalid date.
  • Perspectives
    • Users are able to manage viewers only on published stories. 
    • Fixed an issue causing private stories to be published as public when published from Preview mode.
    • Resolved a small display bug in the Perspectives asset selector which blocked users from paging through assets. 
    • The sort in the Perspectives asset selector is now defaulted to Most Relevant.
  • Data shaping and mapping
    • Fixed a small issue that caused conditional formatting not to appear in unsaved drafts.
    • Fixed an issue causing URL links to not be clickable in map flyouts.
    • Fixed an issue causing percentages to be shown as decimals in some situations.
    • Fixed an issue causing date filters to be incorrectly formatted in Perspectives embeds.
  • User account management
    • We will be deprecating legacy user account info fields that are infrequently used for legitimate purposes. These fields will no longer appear on the profile edit page.
  • Asset Inventory
    • Measures are now properly identified in the Asset Inventory dataset.
    • Visualizations are identified by their type (map or chart) in the Asset Inventory dataset.
    • Fixed an issue where filtering did not persist when switching tabs in Asset Inventory.

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