ESRI Connector and relative date filter improvements (March 26, 2019)



  • Update to relative date filters in Visualizations: We now support last month, last year, and last day options for showing a continually updated view of the most recently completed month, day or year.

Coming Soon! 

  • Users will have two layout options in Perspectives – Narrative and Expanded!
  • We are rolling out an updated content layout on Measure metric cards.
  • New Approvals workflow coming to Open Data domains to allow admins to gate public visibility of assets. 

Major Updates

  • ESRI Connector: Users can now sync all layers instantly!
  • Grouped Chart Flyouts: Previously, the flyout for grouped charts only showed the number of rows in each group. Now, users can add other numeric columns to grouped flyouts to more accurately analyze multivariate data.

Minor Updates

  • When there is no story preview in Perspectives, users will be redirected to the latest published version of the story instead of seeing an error.
  • An issue in which classic charts with conditional formatting were not rendering has been resolved.
  • Previously, when a dataset was updated or published, the publishing dialog box states the dataset would be private regardless if of its permissions. Now, the dialog box accurately informs the user that their data will remain private or public based on its permissions.

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