New content layout for measures, deprecation of classic visualizations (April 3, 2019)


Coming Soon! 

  • New Approvals workflow coming to Open Data domains to allow admins to gate public visibility of assets. 

Major Updates

  • Visualizations & Maps
    • Now, the dimension selector for all charts in the new visualization builder is a dropdown instead of an expanded menu.
    • Region maps can now be constructed using a linear quantification method in addition to the preexisting Jenks natural breaks algorithm.
    • Previously, in some situations when underlying data was updated custom colors for maps were lost. Now, custom colors will be retained even if underlying data changes significantly.
    • Removed the default text 'Count of Rows' when the map creator has not added a row description.
    • Updated the rounding logic for region maps to always use whole numbers, instead of showing decimals.

Minor Updates

  • Users can now create up to 100 API Keys per account.
  • Resolved an issue where logging in to alias domains caused a redirect loop.
  • The bug in which publishing a draft before the schema update was complete has been resolved.
  • Visualizations
    • Fixed an issue causing scatter plot axes to render inconsistently in some cases.
    • Fixed an issue causing colors for point maps to be applied improperly in spiderfied stacks.
    • Improved handling for special characters in visualization iframe embeds.


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