Approvals gated updates in Open Data (April 22, 2019)


  • Socrata is excited to announce the new and improved Approvals workflow for our Open Data domains. This feature provides improved security and data governance by preventing unwanted public access to restricted data with flexible automated approval rules and simple approval workflows for administrators through the new Approval Queue. If you would like to enable Approvals, please follow this link.

Coming Soon! 

  • Users will be able to copy a published visualization, this functionality is expected to be released in the next two weeks.

Major Updates

  • The Provenance feature has been removed from Data Lens. Data lenses can now be set to show or hide in the catalog in the Asset Inventory.
  • Now, when creating a visualization, the system will autosuggest a column to visualize after a chart type is selected, making it that much easier to create a new chart or map.

Minor Updates

Administration & User Management

  • Removed invalid option for transferring ownership of stories from the Asset Inventory.
  • Updated notification email to clearly indicate when an asset is shared to a user who has not yet registered their account.

Data Ingress

  • Fixed an issue that was causing some updates to views with hidden columns to fail.
  • Resolved a small bug in which users were unable to resize column widths while using the web browser Firefox.
  • Updated the UX of the Schedule Automation from URL dialog box.

Catalog & Metadata

  • The issue in which a dataset's Last Updated Date was not changing after updates has been resolved.
  • Fixed unexpected behavior for sorting on some columns in Asset Inventory.


  • The issue where Perspectives story tiles "Read More" link overlapped with the story description has been resolved.
  • HTML embeds have been updated to now allow for better navigation between stories.


  • Fixed an issue causing region map creation to not be available on some views.
  • Maps now show "Count of Rows" in the flyout by default when multiple records are at the same location.
  • Fixed an issue causing certain classic charts not to render properly on goal pages.
  • Fixed an issue causing region maps to show an error when there are no values in any region.
  • Fixed an inconsistency in rounding logic between the visualization builder and the legend.
  • Fixed an issue causing the API field name instead of the canonical field name to show in some map flyouts.

Curious about other areas of the platform? Visit our PerformanceApplications, or SCGC release notes for more! Or give us a shout at with questions or ideas.

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